Stone materials for Cycles

This is a collection of rock materials for the Cycles engine in Blender. I have tried to reproduce the look of a variety of real rock types. They are quite detailed and are best used at close-up range.

Since one type of geologic rock can look quite differently depending on its detailed composition, and its impurities, I have included multiple variations for many rock types. The materials are free to use and modify, and you can see how they are done in the node editor.

Igneous rocks

Gray granite rock surface
Gray granite. The black spots may look strange at first, but real granite has them.
Brown granite rock surface
Brown granite.
Red granite rock surface
Red granite. In this one the black and reddish spots occur in clusters. This is accomplished by modulating those colors with both a small scale noise node (creating the individual spots) and a large scale one (creating the clusters).
White granite rock surface
White granite.
Diabase rock surface
Gabbro rock surface
Bright basalt rock surface
Bright basalt. Basalt is frequently full of holes like a swiss cheese, or it can even have an interesting columnar structure. These shapes would probably have to be modeled rather than being included in the material.
Dark basalt rock surface
Dark basalt.
Pure obsidian surface
Obsidian surface with brown impurities
Obsidian with brown impurities.

Sedimentary rocks

Bright sandstone rock surface
Bright sandstone.
Yellow sandstone rock surface
Yellow sandstone.
Orange sandstone rock surface
Orange sandstone.
Red sandstone rock surface
Red sandstone.
Pale limestone rock surface
Pale limestone.
Gray limestone rock surface
Gray limestone.
Brown limestone rock surface
Brown limestone.
Claystone rock surface
Claystone rock surface with white impurities
Claystone with white impurities.
Claystone rock surface with yellow impurities
Claystone with yellow impurities.
Pure chalk rock surface
Pure chalk.
Chalk rock surface with yellow impurities
Chalk with yellow impurities.
Chalk rock surface with yellow and gray impurities
Chalk with yellow and gray impurities.

Metamorphic rocks

Brown gneiss rock surface
Brown gneiss.
Red gneiss rock surface
Red gneiss.
White gneiss rock surface
White gneiss.
Polished black and white marble surface
Black and white marble. The marbles are rendered on a polished surface since they look more beautiful that way.
Polished blue and white marble surface
Blue and white marble.
Polished brown marble surface
Brown marble.
Polished green marble surface
Green marble.
Polished white marble surface
White marble.